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When it comes to water heaters, it’s important to remember that “it’s not a question of if, but when.” It would be best to have your water heater inspected and serviced twice a year to ensure that it is properly working and ready to meet any demand you may have. Holistic Homes, LLC will ensure that you never have to worry about your water heater repair, maintenance, and replacement services and that it is always ready to meet the needs of your home and family. We will fix issues when we can or offer a reasonable water heater replacement service.

We can assist you regardless of the kind of water heater you own. We provide service for any model when it comes to water heater replacement. We always act with efficiency and professionalism, determined to give you the best service possible. We never want you to be in a situation where you don’t have hot water. We can help make sure that you have the water you need, whenever you need it.

When you experience issues with your water heater, it can signify that you need a water heater replacement or repair. Many homeowners overlook signs that a water heater will fail or stop working for a few days. Being able to identify potential problems early on is always a wise move.

Most homeowners know that their water heater is a necessary appliance, but they don’t give it much thought otherwise. Water heaters are a critical part of a home’s infrastructure, but they don’t have to be a source of frustration. Regular maintenance can help homeowners avoid problems and extend the life of their water heater. A few simple habits and inexpensive repairs can keep water heaters running smoothly and ensure several more years of use.


Sediment is usually made up of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, depending on what is in the water. These minerals form a hard crust that can block water flow to and from the tank. The damage done by sediment varies. Sediment can block the hot water lines that lead out of the tank, causing the water temperature to drop as it travels through the pipes. If the temperature drops too low, it can cause the lines to freeze. Sediment can also accumulate in the bottom of the tank, reducing the amount of water stored.

Wrong Size

Often in a rush to get a new water heater installed, installers will forget to measure the size of the existing water tank. This is a very complicated step, especially if the unit is to be replaced with a larger tank. Not only will a new unit that’s too small for your home waste energy by running all day, but if the water is too hot, the materials inside the tank will age prematurely.


Rusting water heaters can be dangerous as well. A thin layer of rust can accumulate on the heat exchanger, reducing its ability to transfer heat and increasing its resistance. This can lead to overheating and potentially to a fire. And, even if there is no fire, the heat exchanger can be weakened to the point where it doesn’t work. Rust in the tank can also restrict water flow, cause leaks, and allow sediment to accumulate.

Leaky Water Heater Tank

A very common reason for a leaky water tank is corrosion. Fittings can also cause leaking. Because of the constant contact with water, they can easily rust and cause a leak.

If you are experiencing any problems, you should immediately call the experts at Holistic Homes. They will come out and fix the issue, or if the water heater needs to be replaced, they will come out and conduct a water heater installation.

Water Heater Replacement Has Many Advantages

  • Larger Capacity Tank – A high-efficiency water heater has a larger capacity to heat and store hot water, which will help you save time every time you use it.
  • Longer Lifespan  You’ll save on repair costs and get more years out of your water heater when choosing a new model with cold-water connections, an extended warranty, and a better energy rating.
  • Lower Energy Costs  Newer water heaters have more energy-efficient designs and are available in different settings that can fit your home, saving you money.
  • Remodeling – A new water heater installation can be done faster than most water heater repairs, often in one day.
  • Upgrading – Newer systems can heat more efficiently than older models, and more recent models are often more energy-efficient than older ones.
  • Water Problems – The new unit will not have the same issues as the old one and will be better suited to the cold winters and hot summers.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Unit?

There is a huge range in the lifetime of a water heater, depending on several factors, including the water pressure, the quality of the installation, and the use of supplemental heating devices such as a hot tub, clothes dryer, and so forth. The lifespan of a water heater is also dependent on the age of the tank and Its capacity to store hot water without running out. The average lifespan of a water heater is 8 to 12 years. A water heater can usually last up to 15-20 years if it is in proper working condition. The lifespan of a water heater can also be affected by the quality of the product.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement in New Port Richey, FL

Call us if you are tired of paying top dollar for water heater repair and replacement in New Port Richey, FL. Holistic Homes, LLC is an experienced water heater repair company that provides comprehensive water heater repair and replacement services to business and residential customers in New Port Richey, FL. Our experts have provided these services to the local community for over a decade. We pride ourselves on offering prompt, reliable services to our clients.

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