KellyKelly grew up in Northern Indiana on a quiet lake across from a wildlife preserve. She was submerged in nature and fell in love with the simple organic pattern of the natural world around her. Kelly attended Indiana University and graduated with a BA in Anthropology in 2003. She met the love of her life on an organic farm in Monrovia IN and the rest is history. Kelly and Dex have two amazing children together.

Holistic Homes LLC began in 2012 as a cleaning business. Kelly was seeking a balance between raising young children and providing extra income for her family. Self employment provided that answer. Using eco friendly biodegradable cleaners was a top priority and Kelly formulated her own recipes using vinegar and essential oils. Cleaning and forming close relationships with her clients for almost six years inspired a closer look at who we are and the priorities we place in our home and work environments.

Kelly received her Feng Shui design certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design in the summer of 2018. The very real physiological and stress inducing effects of not living in a balanced home and work environment have become Kelly’s new passion. Finding simple and practical solutions to support you and the vision for your home is the goal. As human beings we are constantly evolving and our environments need to evolve with us. Creating space that feels inspiring and refreshing is my top priority.

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  1. Feng Shui
  2. Compassionate decluttering
Feng Shui

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is wind and water. It is the ancient study of creating harmony within your environment to foster creativity, health and peace. There are many practical and simple ways to begin balancing your home and office and once you get started you will notice the difference immediately. Often times in our busy lives our homes take the back burner. Piles of laundry, dusty cluttered countertops, bedrooms and closets overflowing with stuff are common problems and its difficult to find the time and energy to clear it out. Your home is where your energy is restored and is your refuge from the outside world. By prioritizing your home and work environments you are clearing the slate and allowing a more authentic restorative place.

In Feng Shui we used what is called the Bagua map to outline the different zones of your home. It is basically an energy blueprint of your floor plan. This helps guide us in pin pointing certain places that might need more attention. There are several places in a home that get overlooked. Your entry way is the mouth of chi into your home. Clearing clutter, welcoming your guests and keeping your door and hardware in good working order is one of the most important Feng Shui concepts. Other areas that often get neglected are your closets, which are symbolic of your subconscious mind, bedrooms which become storage rooms and home offices that gather clutter and unwanted stuff. Taking the time to keenly look at every area of your house guided by Feng Shui principles is one of the most overlooked but important things you can do for yourself. The study of Feng Shui is a lifelong practice with many integral parts. Evolving with your environment is essential in supporting who you are as you journey through this adventure called life. Contact me today to start tuning in to what your home is trying to tell you.

Feng Shui Pricing:
    -feng shui information packet
    -personalized feng shui floor plan map
    -walk through follow up to discuss findings
    -feng shui information packet
    -personalized feng shui floor plan map
    -skype or factime walkthrough to discuss findings
    -feng shui information packet
    -initial consultation to dive deeper into your needs and access your home
    -personalized feng shui floor plan map
    -walk through consultation and conclusion report to outline future solutions and goals
    -feng shui information packet
    -initial consultation to dive deeper into your needs and access your home
    -personalized feng shui floor plan map
    -Conclusion report
    -2 hours of hands on feng shui implementations
Compassionate decluttering pricing:
  • Compassionate decluttering and purging: $35/hr
    -When it comes to Feng Shui, decluttering and getting rid of the things and stuff that no longer serves the current you is paramount. This process is often difficult and stressful. The emotional connections we make with our things can be very powerful but can also halt our progress as we evolve. Loved ones who have passed away often leave boxes and boxes of possessions and clothing. Those items have a very deep connection for the living relatives who miss them greatly. But, if that gorgeous wool dress coat from your grandma sits in your closet and is never worn its time to pass it on to someone who will adore it.

    Your grandma would want that.

    Closets often are packed solid with things that we really don’t use. In Feng Shui, closets are the subconscious of our minds. We stuff it in our closets to deal with it later, but the presence of it is still felt. Clearing cupboards, closets, under bed storage, drawers and other hidden spaces will help you move more freely and relaxed in your home.

    I can compassionately and impartially help you get rid of things and clear space. Having a set date and time will help insure you get it done. I can also load up my vehicle and drive your “let it go” piles to donation centers. We can do this - together!

Kelly is a new kid on the block with Fen Shui consulting, and what a great new kid she is! I'm gradually dying with ALS and realized that I could not create a satisfying closure for my life if I crawled along in the usual slow fashion that has become my usual. I wanted to find someone who could bring my home to attention immediately, so that it would support balanced efficiency. A respected friend said, "Kelly is the one!" And she is. She transformed my space into openness and freshness with reminders that my closing life is fulfilling.
Sharrel B. reviewed Holistic Homes, LLC — 5 star

Kelly has excellent skills in every area of her work, and is a joy to collaborate with.

I had thought that Feng Shui was just about decorating but really it supports how the energy flows in your home and in your life. Kelly took the time to understand my sense of style, what areas of my life (home) I wanted to energize, created a bagua map for me to keep, and made sensible, low-cost suggestions that were easy and fun to implement. Every time I step into my home I breathe a sigh of relief; the energy is truly harmonious and I really feel that I am living in a sanctuary! After Kelly worked her magic I am sleeping better, taking better care of myself, making more money, and travelling more frequently and feeling nourished by my living space. I am so grateful.
Sarah B.

My downstairs den was overcrowded with large furniture and too much saved memorabilia. Kelly came in rearranged furniture and changed a few decorations around. She helped me organize the room so it looked inviting and spacious all within a few hours. I couldn't have done it without her.
Joselyn D.

Kellys work makes me feel at peace, present, clear and able. It frees me to enjoy my life on my terms during the small amount of time that is mine. It takes the weight off my shoulders and it gives me time to nurture myself and the ones I love
Sami E.

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