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When Water Backs Up Into The Home, Call A Plumber Near Me In | Trinity, FL


Florida has no shortage of water, and sometimes it seems like it has nowhere to go except for back up through your drains! Holistic Homes features a full lineup of plumbing services for Trinity, FL, and nearby Port Richey. When you have a plumbing disaster such as a water backup issue, you need a plumber near me in my area, to identify the root cause quickly and make the necessary fix. Our plumbers may also be able to help you prevent these types of disasters in the future with the installation and testing of new backflow preventers.

Water Backups: Why Does It Happen?

Water backups can happen just about anywhere, but Florida’s water-filled environment and climate (with lots of rain and storms) require a strong need for backflow prevention. While many homeowners in the state have backflow preventers in place, they don’t always test them. Unfortunately, when backflow preventers fail, the result can be water backing up into the house, and that can occur for several different reasons, and in each case, it means you need a plumber near me in Florida to resolve the issue.


A stubborn drain clog can result in water backing up through your drains. A clog can occur anywhere in your line no matter how careful you are. Sometimes pipes weaken as they age and collapse. Sometimes hard water can narrow the pipes and lead to the development of more frequent clogs. Clogs aren’t uncommon, as Holistic Homes can attest. Many are caused by food debris and grease as well as toiletry items that shouldn’t actually be introduced to the drain system.

We have the tools and equipment needed to remove these clogs without damaging the plumbing system. We can also perform drain cleaning services if you find that you’re experiencing drain clogs and backups frequently. Be sure that you don’t use commercial drain cleaning products to try to resolve drain clogs on your own. The simple fact is they don’t always work. Then, you’re left with powerful chemicals sitting in your drains–and that’s not good for your pipes. Moreover, you certainly don’t want those chemicals backing up into your home. Instead, call a plumber near me in my city to tackle your drain clogs and prevent messy water backups.

Damaged or Collapsed Pipes

If your sewer line has become damaged, you may experience backup into your home. Damaged or collapsed sections of pipe act like drain clogs, but you can’t simply unclear them. Damaged pipes need to be repaired or replaced by a plumber near me in Trinity, FL. Even the best pipes like copper pipes won’t last forever. Over time, all pipe materials degrade. As they age and deteriorate, the risks of them developing cracks or collapsing increase.

If you have a collapsed section of sewer line, you may need extensive repair. Some sewer line repairs can be made with inline repair techniques, but it depends on the nature of the damage. Holistic Homes offers sewer line service. If you have sewer line damage or a damaged drain, we can address it for you. Unfortunately, if your sewer line is damaged and is backing up into your home, you won’t be able to use your plumbing system without water backup until the repairs are made. That’s why you need a plumber near me in Trinity that you can depend on for fast and reliable service!

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a notorious cause of sewer line clogs that result in messy water backups. Underground roots can infiltrate your sewer line if it has even the smallest crack. In fact, the seams where two pipes connect are often the most vulnerable to tree root invasions. Once the roots get into the line, they’ll happily absorb water and nutrients and continue to grow. Eventually, their growth will stop up the line.

You’ll need a plumber that offers sewer line maintenance and repairs. To clear tree roots from a sewer line, your plumber will use a mechanical router attached to a drum. The top of the router will feature cutters that swivel inside the line. As your plumber near me in Florida roots out the line, the swiveling action of the cutters will cut away those pesky roots so they can be washed through the system.

Unfortunately, cutting the roots away doesn’t stop them from growing anew. Some plumbers recommend flushing a special plumbing system root killer down the drain annually to prevent the roots from clogging the line. Other people simply prefer to have their sewer line routed annually as a preventive measure.

Heavy Rains

Unfortunately, a plumber near me in Trinity can’t do anything about the weather and periods of heavy rainfall. When there’s a great deal of rain, the water can exceed the local sewer system’s ability to cope with such a great influx of water. In these cases, the water can back up through the drains and into homes along with sewage.

These can be messy situations that backflow preventers are designed to prevent. If you live in a home without backflow prevention or if yours have failed, you could be vulnerable to this type of plumbing disaster. You can contact a plumber near me in Trinity to test your backflow preventers or install new ones to ensure that you have the backflow protection you need.

Backups are definitely disastrous. The water backup can damage property and lead to an outbreak of mold and mildew. Holistic Homes features plumbing services that can help you address backup problems. When you need a plumber near me in Trinity, FL, be sure to call Holistic Homes. We also offer other plumbing solutions such as whole house repiping, drain cleaning, and water heater repair.

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