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Call A Plumbing Service: 5 Common Plumbing Emergencies You Should Never Ignore | New Port Richey, FL


If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve had to deal with a plumbing emergency at some point. Whether it’s a clogged drain, a burst pipe, or a sewage backup, these problems can occur without warning and often leave homeowners scrambling to find a solution. While some plumbing emergencies may seem minor, specific issues should never be ignored. This blog post will discuss five common plumbing emergencies that you should always call a professional to handle.

Water Heater Issues

Imagine stepping into a shower on a chilly morning, expecting to shower with hot water; instead, you are met with cold water. Cold showers are uncomfortable, especially if you are not used to them. The only thing you do is have a plumbing service to solve the problem.

Water heaters help you carry out essential chores such as washing, bathing, and cleaning dishes. Hot water kills bacteria and germs on your laundry, dishes, and surfaces. So, the water heater should always stay in good shape to make your house chores easy.

The common issues that affect water heaters include a damaged heating mechanism, a broken drip tube, a wrong size heater, or internal rust. Also, the problem can be caused by old age since water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. So, if your heater has been in use for the last 12 years, you will be experiencing constant heating issues. You should consult a plumbing service in New Port Richey, FL, to have your heater replaced.

Clogged or Malfunctioning Toilet

Toilet clogs are among the worst plumbing issues homeowners experience in New Port Richey, FL. When faced with this problem, homeowners try home remedies without knowing what is causing the clogging. Avoid unclogging your toilets because the problem can cause more damage. That’s where a plumber comes in. Call a plumber, and they will do thorough inspections before fixing the toilet.

You may conclude that the clogging is being caused by the waste flushed down the toilet, but the problem could be the toilet itself. This happens when your toilet is outdated, and you will have to deal with clogs often because of the toilet’s low-flush nature.

If a toilet has a low-flush toilet is also linked to low water pressure. Still, the toilet may not have enough power to flush waste smoothly down the drain. A plumber will advise you to switch to a modernized toilet that conserves water in such scenarios.

Moreover, a toilet can be clogged by toilet fresheners, defective flappers, excess toilet paper, old pipework, or issues with the main sewer line. To prevent your toilet from clogging, avoid flushing non-flushable items, such as paper towels, cleaning wipes, cotton balls, and other non-biodegradable materials.

Because toilet blockages are not good when they occur, have a plumbing service inspect the toilet’s inner workings once a year. This will keep the toilet in good condition and save you from unexpected toilet emergencies.

Sump Pump Failure

A flooded basement is the worst nightmare a homeowner can encounter. Your home needs a sump pump to reduce the risk of damage and high repair costs. A sump pump should quickly drain the flooded water from the basement during the rainy season. However, if it fails to drain the water effectively, contact a plumber for inspections.

If the sump pump malfunctions, it will cause damage and high repair costs. The main thing that causes a sump pump to fail is a stuck switch. The issue happens when the pump turns upside down, and the float that operates the button becomes ineffective. Sometimes, it can be debris or excess dust that clocks the float.

A plumbing service with good professionals can fix the pump by cleaning and changing its position within the basin. Also, an overworked sump pump has a high chance of malfunctioning. An influx of water can overburden the sump pump if it cannot generate the needed power. Before purchasing a sump pipe, consult a plumbing service for advice because if you buy a small one, it will overwork, reducing its lifespan.

Sewage Backup

This is another unpleasant plumbing disaster you should avoid. This problem occurs when wastewater fails to drain smoothly from your home due to obstruction. It appears in the primary sewer line connecting your house to the municipal sewers. Failure to seek help from a plumbing service will cause wastewater to fill your drainpipes and sewer lines, leading to a backup into your home.

Furthermore, if your sewer system is outdated, backups will occur regularly. Sewer lines are made from Orangeburg, PVC, clay, or cast iron materials. However, the materials have a limited lifespan, and they collapse as they age. If your home has old sewer lines, contact a plumbing service company in New Port Richey, FL, to replace the piping.

Tree roots can also cause the sewer to back up when they reach the service pipe joints and line cracks. As trees continue to grow, the roots will cause damage and blockage. If roots have invaded the sewer line, you can have a plumbing service remove the roots professionally.

Clogged Tubs and Sinks

Bathroom, kitchen, or utility sinks maybe become clogged, causing damage to the plumbing system. If your sinks fail to drain smoothly, some household chores will be hard to do. The issue becomes worse if your house has a few sinks. Neglecting the problem will cause an overflow. The good thing is to call a plumbing service in New Port Richey, FL, to unclog your sinks and tubs.

In many homes, the foods from washed dishes are the leading cause of clogs. When the clogs enter the drain system, they get stuck under the sink’s piping system. Nowadays, manufacturers design sinks with a J- or P-trap to catch big particles to ensure oversized items don’t end in the residential pipe system.

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