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Plumber Tips: Causes Of Low Water Pressure At Your Home | Port Richey, FL


Water is both a scarce and an essential resource in your Port Richey, FL home, and you shouldn’t take it for granted. Whenever you turn on the tap at your home, you expect the water to flow down the faucet freely, and it does in most instances. However, if the water starts surging out of the faucet in trickles, this is an indicator that something isn’t right with the water pressure.

Water pressure can make a big difference at your home. If the water pressure is low, you might find it hard to use the bathroom or even flush the waste down the toilet. On the other hand, if your home’s water pressure is dreadfully low, you might become frustrated waiting for long until the bathtub is full to have a bath. Although low water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a plumbing issue at your home, it is always right to call a plumber to inspect the plumbing system for the cause. The plumbing technician might diagnose either of the following causes:

Plumbing Leaks

Water leakages wastewater in your home and result in low water pressure. The plumber first inspects the washbasin, joints, and pipes under your kitchen. They also check for leakage signs in the walls where the plumbing pipes are buried.

If they notice a wet patch on the basement or the wall or leaking pipes, they will notify you and resolve the problem. Locating leaks at your home is easy for a plumbing expert. They are experienced and possess specialized leak detection tools to quickly detect and resolve any leak that might be causing the reduced water pressure at your home and probably higher monthly water utility bills.

A Malfunctioning Main Shutoff Valve

Your home’s plumbing system main shutoff valve serves as a gateway for all the water coming into your Port Richey, FL home. If it isn’t fully opened, it will reduce the water flow. The primary purpose of installing the shutoff valve is to ensure that the water supply can be cut entirely in a repair and maintenance job to prevent water wastage.

The plumber locates the main shutoff valve at your home. The plumbing fixture is located in the basement or outside the kitchen wall, especially on the street side. The municipal water supply line often enters your home from the street side and delivers water into the water line that then delivers it into your home.

This plumbing fixture controls your home’s water pressure. If you’ve had a plumbing maintenance service recently, there are high chances that the main shutoff valve was adjusted to stop or reduce water flow during the plumbing job. Unfortunately, after completing the plumbing job, the plumber might have forgotten to return the shutoff valve in its correct position. Although you might not suspect such, a plumbing professional can quickly establish it as the cause of the low water pressure and remedy the issue.

Clogged Aerator Screen

The other reason why your home might have a low water pressure is because of a clogged aerator on the faucet. Whenever you notice that only one faucet has low water pressure, you need to enlist the help of a reputable plumbing service like Holistic Homes, LLC to inspect the faucet(s). Nowadays, faucets feature an aerator screen used for controlling the water coming through its tiny holes. Unfortunately, as time passes, the tiny holes are clogged by dirt dissolving in the water reducing the water pressure.

The previous steady water stream reduces to a trickle when the aerator screen is clogged heavily. In such a case, the plumber will open the faucet and clean the aerator screen to remove the dirt and debris blocking the aerator’s tiny holes. They then tightly fix the faucet back into position, resolving the low water pressure issue on that faucet.

Clogged or Corroded Water Pipes

Older homes with copper and galvanized steel pipes are prone to this problem in their plumbing systems. As the pipes age, they start rusting from inside because of the water chemistry and other dissolved particles. The rust may weaken the pipes and spring leaks or cause blockages that can obstruct the normal flow of water. In such a case, a call to a plumber is inevitable. However, the plumbing expert can use pipe inspection cameras to locate the problem and use a trenchless repair technique that doesn’t damage your yard.

Water Heater Problems

Did you know that the water heaters can affect the cold and hot water pressure at your commercial or residential property? Sediments accumulate within the pipes connecting to your water heater. The sediment buildup may result in low water pressure based on their location. However, the water heaters can also generate a lot of pressure.

Therefore, if you notice that the low water pressure is only in hot water faucets, call a plumber to come and inspect the water heater. If the blockage is on the side leading into the water heater, that means little water enters the tank for heating, meaning that the water coming out of the faucets will be hot but of low pressure.

Valve Issues

Besides the main shutoff valves, your plumbing system has many other valves. The valves use a simple combination of levers to control water flow. However, this doesn’t mean that they will efficiently and effortlessly function for decades. Some plumbing systems have fitted water pressure regulator valves installed at different points to regulate the water flow. Like any other plumbing fixture, these valves wear out as days pass by and begin malfunctioning.

Whenever you notice that the water pressure has reduced suddenly, it might be because of a malfunctioning regulator valve. Enlist the services of a reputable plumber to inspect the plumbing system for the cause of the low water pressure. If the plumbing expert determines that the cause is a malfunctioning valve(s), they will take measures to replace them and ensure that your home’s water pressure is restored.

Trusted Plumbers In Port Richey, FL

Have you noticed a reduction in water pressure at your home lately? As you can see above, there are many causes of such an occurrence. Instead of guessing the cause and repairing everything you think might be the reason, you are better off hiring our professional plumbers at Holistic Homes, LLC. Call us at Holistic Homes, LLC today if you’ve noticed that the water at your home has low pressure.

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