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Plumbing Fixtures Causing Leakage Damage & Why A Plumbing Company Is Your Best Option | Port Richey, FL


Leaking issues are inevitable in any home, although there are some steps that you may take to minimize their damages. Most of the time, leakage issues are because of the plumbing fixtures, although your home appliances might sometimes be responsible for the leakage. It is normal to see your refrigerator, washing machine, or freezer leak since they are connected to a water supply or cold enough to cool the air into water.

The water pools on your flooring once the plumbing appliances at your home begin leaking. Although the damage might not be severe as in the case of a water line burst, it, however, causes some inconveniences to your daily operations. For example, if your appliances are leaking, you will require the help of a technician from a plumbing company in Port Richey, FL, to inspect the appliance and resolve the problem. The damaged flooring and tiles might need a replacement if they are extensively damaged. So what plumbing fixtures can cause leakage damage at your home? Read on to find out.


Leaking toilets might result in unnecessary flooding if not addressed immediately. Unlike most other leaks that you can easily notice, detecting a leaking toilet might prove difficult until you get the high monthly water utility bills. So, what are some of the indicators that can help you determine that your toilet is leaking? Below are the common signs:

  • Constant dripping
  • Continuous running
  • Puddles or pools of water on the toilet floor
  • Loud noises are coming from the pipes

The signs above might indicate that there may be a possible toilet leakage. Have you noticed any of them at your home? Enlist the help of a plumbing company to have the issue addressed before it turns catastrophic.

The professionals from the plumbing service will inspect the waterline for leakages. If it is in a proper state, the plumber will tighten any loose fittings to be sure. If it isn’t in good shape, the technician has to repair it or conduct a replacement. A toilet might leak because of clogging, resulting in flooding in many cases. If the blockage is extensive, you might have other severe problems like sewer backups into your home. In Port Richey, FL, a professional plumbing service can help you troubleshoot any blocked or leaking toilet. If the fixture isn’t repairable, the plumber might advise you to install a new unit.


Leaking or dripping faucets are a common sighting in most households across the US. For instance, EPA estimates that about a trillion gallons of water go to waste every year through household leaks. Leaking faucets not only result in high water bills, but the irritating Drip, Drip sounds might keep you awake through the entire night.

Have a plumbing professional repair the leak on time, whether a leaking faucet is in your kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, or kitchen. However minor it might seem, ignoring a plumbing issue will only worsen. It might reach a point where you may have to replace the entire faucet, not forgetting the high monthly water utility bills. An expert from a plumbing company might replace the O-ring or install the washers properly, or entirely replace the faucet depending on the tap’s condition.

Washing Machine

Imagine coming home from a long day at work only to find that your laundry room is flooded. It can be frustrating, if not even upsetting. Yes, washing machines experience leakages too. They sometimes overflow, placing your entire home at risk of severe water damage. You aren’t advised to leave your clothes soaked in your laundry machine when headed out for many hours.

After about five years, most washing machine hoses develop issues like leakages. If the washing machine hoses haven’t been replaced in the last five years, visit your nearest plumbing company and request to have a plumber visit your home to fix a new one.


Without having a time-saving dishwasher, entertaining your guests or dealing with your family’s dirty dishes daily would be pretty challenging. Unfortunately, some homeowners take this appliance for granted and forget to regularly inspect it or hire a plumbing company for routine maintenance. Most of them even notice an issue when the unit begins to malfunction. A dishwasher might encounter various problems, but leakages are the most common issues that plumbers address. Others may be failures of some parts or clogs.

Some dishwasher leakages might go undetected, especially if they happen behind the cabinets or in other hidden places. For instance, if your dishwasher’s water inlet valve is malfunctioning, water will trickle under the unit and not on the floor. This makes noticing the problem quite challenging.

The unit might drip for weeks or months without detection, making the floor beneath your dishwasher rot or grow molds. Ensure you contact a plumbing company immediately if you notice this problem to have their technicians fix it. Remember, the problem might have existed for some time, so you must be prompt to call for help. The professional plumbers might also inspect the other components that might cause the leakages, like a defective float switch or door gasket.

Water Heater

Watch out for signs of water heater leakages! If the unit leaks for an extended time, it might damage your walls, foundation, flooring, and other valuable items. A water heating unit might prove dangerous if it leaks in certain areas and might cost you money and time if not detected and resolved promptly.

The drain, temperature and pressure, and shutoff valves might be the source of the leakages. A professional plumbing company will send technicians with experience, knowledge, and modern tools in hand to detect and resolve the leaks. To ensure that your home isn’t a victim of flooding, you must let a reliable plumbing company perform annual routine maintenance on your unit. This might also increase its lifespan.

Reliable Plumbing Company In Port Richey, FL

As your plumbing appliances get old, their efficiency reduces. Although they’ll continue serving you normally, sooner or later, something will go amiss, and you’ll notice it. You might see an increase in water bills, reduced water pressure, or even total unit failure. If you notice such signs, you must enlist the services of a reliable plumbing service for the servicing of the plumbing fixture. Do you need plumbing fixture repair or replacements by a reliable plumbing company? Call us at Holistic Homes, LLC today.

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