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Plumbing Service Tips: Sump Pump Mistakes That Homeowners Make | Hudson, FL


A sump pump is a device that helps in eliminating the flooding incidents in your Hudson, FL, home’s basement or crawlspaces. If your home doesn’t have one, or the present pump is defective, you should install or replace one. Otherwise, you could experience severe flood damage, water-borne diseases, and mold infestation at your home.

To avoid such issues from either affecting you or your beloved family health-wise or financially, it’s best to enlist a plumbing service company to have a specialist who will recommend and install the best sump pump at your home.

There are several types of sump pumps that you can find in the market, including pedestal, submersible, water-powered, combination, and battery-powered sump pumps. Sometimes the homeowners with these devices make mistakes that might make their pumps defective, causing other problems at your home. What are these mistakes that you should avoid to ensure your sump pump is efficiently working?

Broken Discharge Pipe

Some homeowners may ignore or neglect to conduct the spot checks of their home’s sump pump discharge pipes. They believe that things are alright so long as the water is pumped out from their basements or away from their home. It’s when the homeowners find the valuable items stored in their basement floating in the floods or their home sitting in water that they become concerned and begin the frantic efforts to find a reliable company that offers emergency plumbing services to repair their sump pumps.

A broken sump pump cannot protect your basement or crawlspaces from flooding, which is among the leading causes. Therefore, you must ensure that you schedule an appointment with your plumber to develop and implement maintenance plans for your sump pump to prevent a severe issue caused by minor issues like broken discharge pipes that can be fixed by a professional within minutes.

Allowing the Debris to Enter the Sump Pump

Some Hudson, FL homeowners, install their sump pumps at the top of loose silt, debris, or small-sized gravel. However, this isn’t the right move since these material’s small particles might enter the sump pump as it operates and result in a clog. In turn, clogging might end up making the mortar defective, making the entire system come to a grinding halt. Consult a reliable, professional plumbing service to know the suitable rock sizes or gravel to use and avoid clogging.

If the sump pump has been running for a period while laying on the loose gravel or debris, it is time to call a plumbing company and schedule an inspection or maintenance visit with a plumber to have the sump pump cleaned.

Failure To Inspect The Loose Wiring

A wiring system supplies the energy needed to run efficiently and smoothly in any electrical appliance, including your sump pump. Inspecting the wiring system in your sump pump is a simple process that should be involved in your plumbing maintenance visit. However, never inspect the wiring yourself. You might cause fire accidents or electrocution, meaning since your safety comes first, you should take every precaution and avoid DIY sump pump work.

Enlist the services of a seasoned professional sump pump technician to handle the job and repair any present defects. The plumber should turn off the sump pump from the power source, disconnect it, check for deteriorated or loose wires, and ultimately replace them. Regular wiring inspections can help prevent the abrupt shutdowns of your sump pump.

Float Switch Defects

A flat switch sends a signal to your sump pump to stop pumping whenever the water levels are too low. Due to how it works, the sump pumps need a lot of space around the floats and switch for its arm to freely float and sink without straining.

As some local homeowners do, the float is obstructed if stuff is stacked near the sump pump. In turn, this results in the inefficient working of the sump pump. This might burn the motor, prompting you to look for plumbing services whenever the float becomes obstructed. The plumber will advise you to declutter the areas near the sump pump to ensure it works perfectly.

Unplugged Pump

Sometimes, you might enter the basement and need to use the power outlet where the sump pump is connected to charge your phone or any other thing. You then leave the basement in a hurry without plugging the sump pump back. Unless you realize that you left the sump pump unplugged on time, you are likely to experience flooding in case of a leak or heavy downpour.

Ensure that you always leave the sump pump plugged in and be mindful of children who may be playing anywhere near it. Whenever you notice water puddles or pooling inside your basement or around your crawlspaces, even when the pump is connected to a power outlet, you must immediately call in a sump pump repair technician from a reputable plumbing service company.

Failing to Test the Sump Pump System

Your sump pump requires three assessment levels; when it runs only when the flooding situation is difficult when your sump pump doesn’t run totally, and when the sump pump runs constantly on days with no rain. Doing such tests and identifying the main issues on time might take time if you don’t have a routine maintenance plan for your sump pump with a reputable plumbing service company.

To run these tests, the plumber pours about 5 gallons of water into your sump pump at an approximate rate with which the rainwater enters your sump pump until the float sends a signal to the sump pump to run. The pump should shut down when the water levels drop. Its float reverts to the position they originally were. If the process above does not happen in your system when our plumber pours the water, this is a sign that the sump pump is defective and requires immediate plumbing services. Enlist reliable plumbers from Holistic Homes for quality sump pump inspection, repair, or maintenance.

High-Quality Plumbing services at Holistic Homes, LLC

You must ensure that your sump pump operates under perfect conditions throughout the year. At Holistic Homes, LLC, we provide quality and immediate plumbing services to Hudson, FL, homeowners to ensure their homes have the necessary convenience and are comfortable.

Our plumbers are skilled and adequately equipped to handle sump pump maintenance activities, new installations, and repair emergencies. We also provide leak detection, backflow prevention, water heater installation, and other plumbing services. Call us today for any plumbing problem at your home.

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