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What Are The Sump Pump Issues Your Plumber Most Frequently Encounters? | Odessa, FL


A sump pump is an important part of your home’s drainage system. It can help keep your basement or crawlspace dry during heavy rain or snowfall, but only if it operates correctly. However, like any other piece of equipment, a sump pump can experience issues from time to time. This article will examine some of the most common sump pump problems and their solutions.

Clogged Discharge Pipes

One of the common sump pump issues you can experience in your home is a clogged discharge pipe. If a discharge pipe is clogged, the entire system will stop functioning, and the basement will flood. Different things can clog discharge pipes, including debris, dirt, rodents, and rocks. It is common for pipes to have dirt and other debris within them. But at least you can prevent the debris, rocks, small rodents, and twigs by protecting the exit point.

Improper Pump Installation

One of the issues that may make your sump pump operate incorrectly is improper installation. Proper installation is essential for all machinery and appliances in your home. A sump pump is an expensive investment, and you should not let just anyone install it for you. An unqualified or inexperienced plumber can install the pump improperly, leading to breakdowns that may need expensive repairs.

Sump pump installation requires a plumber to ensure it delivers safe and quality work. Ensure the pump is installed in a perfect location below the crawl space or the basement, where water can drain effortlessly. In most sump pumps, the manufacturer’s instructions need installation experts to install a check valve on the discharge line. The water forcefully flows back to the sump pit if not well installed. If this occurs, you will have to deal with a flooded basement.

Power Failure

Does your home experience constant power outages? When you face a power failure issue, so does your sump pump, unless you have a backup generator. Still, if circuit breakers trip, the sump pump may stop functioning. Therefore, if your home experiences constant power outages, talk to a plumber, and they will guide you on the perfect backup generator to purchase.

Sometimes, the components of the sump pump can be affected by power surges that occur during power outages. The best thing to do is invest in a backup sump pump or a backup generator to protect the sump pump. A backup generator can prevent your home from flooding in a power outage. Consult with a plumber in Odessa, FL, before buying a generator to advise you on the perfect option for your home.

A Stuck Switch

A faulty switch is another issue homeowners experience with their sump pump. A float switch is designed to turn the pump on and off when water levels change. Without the switch, the sump pump will not power up, making the system ineffective. Most sump pumps have float activators or pressure sensors. If a float is stuck, it will be unable to change its position, preventing your pump from turning on.

One major issue that can make a float switch stuck is the lack of maintenance, which leads to a build-up of debris in the basin. The debris can hinder the switch from operating smoothly and prevent the float activator from moving flexibly. So, if you suspect your sump pump has a faulty switch, contact a plumber in Odessa, FL, for assistance.

Sump Pump Smell

Sump pumps have a drain trap that holds water to stop gas and sewage from backing up and entering your home. If the water in the trap evaporates, the unpleasant smell will be released. You will smell the odors more during the dry season or when it is extremely hot. To prevent the odor, ensure there is enough water in the trap. Provided the water level covers pipes and drain lines, you should not have the bad odors leaking out. However, if you are not sure what is causing the smell, hire a plumber, and they will solve the issue for you.

Your Sump Pump Running Continuously

If your sump pump works continuously, especially in weather conditions, have a plumber check it to diagnose the root cause. This issue must be solved immediately; otherwise, your pump will burn itself out. Various reasons can make a pump operate nonstop. The common cause is stuck switches, especially in cheap pump models.

The float switch can get clogged in the system. Still, the pump’s vibrations can shift the float switch on the edge of the pit, stopping it from operating. Also, a broken or missing check valve can cause the issue. A check valve prevents water from returning to the pit as it travels the line upward. If a check valve is broken or missing, 1/3 – 2/3 of the water will come right back into the pit. The pump will work harder to get the same water back out again. A plumber can repair or replace the valve if necessary.

Ensure You Have the Right Sump Pump Size

When purchasing an appliance for your home, ensure it is up to the task. Before buying a sump pump, ensure it is of the perfect size and does the job well. An incorrectly sized sump pump will not do its job effectively and might fail. For example, purchasing a small pump that cannot withstand the workload will be a waste of money, and you will be forced to buy a new one. Also, if the pump is too large, it will have to work harder, decreasing its lifespan. Therefore, consult a professional plumber in Odessa, FL, for advice before buying a sump pump.

Our Plumbing Professionals Can Fix Your Sump Pump

If your sump pump has any of the above problems, turn to Holistic Homes, for help. We provide quality sump repair, maintenance, and installation. Also, we can do regular maintenance to ensure your sump pump is in good working condition. Contact us today, and we will solve your sump pump issue quickly.

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