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What Is Limescale and How Can Your Plumber Help? | New Port Richey, FL


Almost every household experiences limescale. Sometimes, it may be harmless, though aesthetically unpleasant. Limescale can damage and make the appliances stop working or even block the faucets and pipes. This prevents your plumbing system from working correctly. This is usually when you call the plumber to have this annoyance cleaned. The professionals will use different mechanisms to entirely remove the limescale and offer you some advice on how you could avoid this plumbing issue. But what does “limescale” even mean?

What Is Limescale?

First off, limescale is natural. It is a by-product of water having a lot of minerals like magnesium and calcium, otherwise called hard water. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind the previously dissolved mineral deposits that produce white crusty or green-tinged substances. Hard water is common, even in New Port Richey, FL. However, as normal as experiencing limescale in your house is, it is a serious inconvenience that affects the normal working of your appliances. However, most plumbers have dealt with and resolved the problems resulting from limescale in one way or another in their routine daily work of providing plumbing services. Therefore, they know exactly what to do if you call with a limescale problem.

Why Clean Or Remove Limescale?

Limescale can result in huge losses that cost you money. It is that pure and simple. Therefore, you should do all you can to avoid it or get it removed. If your appliances like a water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher develop limescale, it negatively affects their efficiency and reduces their service life. No homeowner wants to keep calling a plumbing service every week for a unit repair or to replace the appliance because it has broken down prematurely.

Its Impacts On Tiles And Showerheads

Limescale affects plumbing fixtures like showerheads and tiles. In fact, of all the plumbing fixtures at your New Port Richey home, you are more likely to notice the crusty white layer on your showerheads. Limescale builds up on the unit and to a point whereby water no longer flows through. It also impacts the pressure of the water coming through your shower head. You will also note your beautiful bathroom tiles start changing color to another aesthetically unappealing tinge.

Such effects typically have a negative impact on your household expenses because more energy will be required to take a shower due to the reduced pressure. The appliances like water heaters will also consume more power in the long run. Therefore, tending to the buildup limescale is worth it in the short term.


The other typical limescale victim is your home’s faucets. Limescale accumulates around the mouth and seal of the faucet. This might lead to leakages which is why you must contact a plumber. If not removed on time, the limescale buildup may shrink or block the mouth of your faucet, depending on its diameter.

Toilet Bowl

Your New Port Richey, FL Home’s toilet may also fall victim to limescale buildup, specifically the bowl. It might also affect the rim where the water runs. A blocked rim might make your flash weaker, a case in which you’ll have to immediately call your plumber to have the limescale removed for the flush to operate at minimal strain.

Any plumbing appliance made from stainless steel or chrome is also vulnerable to unsightly limescale. These include kitchen appliances, bathroom hunger, steel sinks, and other plumbing fixtures. If this happens, your entire room develops a dull façade.

Reduces Your Home’s Value

Since it ruins the aesthetics, limescale can also lower the value of your residential or commercial property. This is specifically because it makes the interior plumbing spaces like the kitchen or bathroom aesthetically unappealing. Limescale can cause irreversible damage, especially if your home has chrome installations. This is because the harsh layer might make the chrome start peeling off. The longer you leave the limescale unaddressed, the harder it becomes to remove it.

Removing Limescale

Since limescale results from water hardness, it is only logical to institute measures to ensure the water is softened, including hiring a plumber to install a water softener at your home. A water softening system uses an ion exchange process that removes magnesium and calcium from the water.

Installing A Water Softener

Install a water softener if you reside in an area that receives hard water to prevent limescale buildup. The water softening unit uses resin beads to remove the minerals dissolved in water in a process known as regeneration. To perform correctly, water softeners require a lot of maintenance and salt – they should be inspected once a month. If you need assistance installing the water softener, enlist the services of a plumber.

Salt-free water softeners are also available, which are more cost-effective and convenient. It’s worth noting that a salt-based water softener doesn’t truly soften water. A salt-free water softening system, on the other hand, does. It doesn’t remove the magnesium and calcium minerals from the water. Instead, it neutralizes them by changing their chemical structure, making them unable to adhere to surfaces, preventing the formation of unsightly limescale.

These water softeners are much less expensive than traditional salt-based softeners and require less maintenance. There are some advantages to soft water, but it will not give you. These advantages include softer hair and being gentler on a person’s skin and clothing. You’ll use fewer detergents and fabric softeners if you use traditional soft water. Enlist the help of a professional plumber in New Port Richey if you need to install a water softener.

Getting A Scale Inhibitor

Your plumber may also advise you to use either scale reducer or a scale inhibitor. The devices come in various capacities. For example, you can get a unit suitable for only one appliance or one that you can use for your entire home.

These devices stop the formation of limescale by altering how it forms, reducing the rate of scaling and the precipitation mechanism chemistry. Your trusted plumber will tell you all about these devices during the installation.

Professional Plumbing Company in New Port Richey, FL

Although limescale might not seem like a harmful thing, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures. From showerheads and faucets to tiles, the victims of this plumbing issue are many. Have you noticed a crusty white substance on your showerhead? Contact us today at Holistic Homes, LLC to book an appointment.

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