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Why DIY Plumbing Fixes Are A Terrible Idea When A Plumbing Company Is One Phone Call Away | Port Richey, FL


As a resident or homeowner in Port Richey, FL, you know that plumbing issues result in considerable inconveniences whenever they arise. The occasional dripping faucets are annoying and can result in considerable damage to wood, paint, and flooring. The other risk is mold growth because of dampness in your house. However, if the numerous DIY videos over the internet are anything to consider, not all plumbing issues need complicated repair by a plumbing company. Right? Well, wrong.

Unfortunately, most of these DIY videos are produced and edited to make repairs appear easier than they are. After all, it is a marketing technique nowadays. For example, the “plumber” in that video is trying to help you and earn from sales. However, some information will always get lost along the way, and no two problems are similar, even if they appear so.

Doing plumbing repairs and maintenance yourself might prove a huge mistake. Fortunately, you could enlist a professional plumbing company near you to handle the problem. Most of these companies have 24/7 availability, meaning they are available whenever you need them. Remember, plumbing issues might arise at any time and when you least expect them. Besides that, below are some of the main reasons you should never perform plumbing fixes yourself unless you are trained and have enough experience.

You Might Worsen the Plumbing Issue

Take some time to imagine this, pouring a lot of liquid-based drain cleaners down the pipes to clear a blockage that the liquid cleaner can never remove. Besides the frustrations of this, you could also significantly damage your pipes. So now, instead of hiring a plumbing company to insert a drain snake or use a hydro-jetter to remove the clog, you will enlist one to repair or replace the damaged pipes with new ones. Hence, the price of dealing with that blockage just increased and got more involved.

At times, plumbing tasks that appear easiest could lead to a catastrophe. The water pressure in your commercial or residential property might be too high. Now imagine breaking a damaged valve with the high water pressure when trying to replace it. Water could gush out through the worn valve and fly everywhere in your home. Many things could go wrong. Whenever this happens, the result is that you’ll have to spend more on repairs and restorations. Whether minor or major, plumbing fixes are better left to a reliable and licensed plumbing company.

You Might Misdiagnose the Problem

That leakage might result from nothing more than a caulking issue with your shower and tub. That being the case, you purchase a fresh caulk, replace it with the older blockade, and the issue is resolved. The issue here is that after a few days, the leakage returns. You’ll have wasted a lot of time, but the problem will still exist, and the water will still be leaking from the tub onto your flooring and drywall. This could result in mold growth or even damage your floor.

Wastage of money and time is probably one of the best reasons to avoid fixing the issue yourself. However, this isn’t the worst-case scenario for DIY plumbing jobs. If you improperly diagnose the plumbing issue, it could result in more serious plumbing issues developing. For instance, leakages in a water heater tank could result from many issues, and you might misdiagnose and start working on the T&P relief valve while the issue lies with a cracked tank. This might result in a tank explosion but will undoubtedly increase the repair costs. In addition, if the water is allowed to drip for an extended period, it might collapse the subfloor. Any mold growing on the walls will continue to thrive as the conditions become damp and warmer.

The first step of properly fixing a plumbing issue is calling a reliable plumbing company. The company will send out a team of plumbers to your home who will inspect your plumbing to diagnose the cause of the issue correctly. Only after a proper diagnosis will the professionals commence fixing it.

You Might Not Have the Right Tools

Without any experience in plumbing, it is also highly likely that you don’t have or even know how to use most plumbing tools. The tools make working easier and faster. Doing plumbing repairs and diagnosis at times requires special tools. You also need to be trained on their proper use to ensure that you don’t do more harm than good when using them in your Port Richey, FL home.

A professional and licensed plumbing company trains its plumbers and equips them with the proper and modern tools and resources to ensure that they can complete any job efficiently. The professionals also have the proper methods and techniques for approaching a problem to resolve it properly. A reliable plumbing company shouldn’t be all about finishing the job but rather finishing it properly or correctly.

You Could Suffer Injuries

You are lucky if a mishap during the DIY job only results in you spending some more money. In most cases of Do It Yourself fixes, the problem becomes worse. Incorrectly doing the plumbing replacement or repair jobs may also result in injuries. In some cases, the injuries may be fatal, and that’s one thing that your DIY instructor doesn’t tell you.

Imagine if you cut yourself on clogged, rusty drainage pipes. Consider the infections that you could get from this. It means that you will incur hefty medical bills for a problem you could have avoided in the first place by hiring a professional plumbing company in Port Richey, FL. The plumbers from these plumbing companies have insurance covers that settle their medical bills should an injury arise when on a job. They also wear protective clothing to help them safely complete the job. With their experience and knowledge, they are better equipped to handle the issue safely.

A Reliable Plumber In Port Richey

Your plumbing system will run into occasional problems; there is no way around it. However, you could reduce the occasions by hiring a plumbing company for regular inspections and maintenance. Unfortunately, some homeowners resort to using their DIY skills to try to fix the issues. As we’ve seen, this can result in many further complications. Ensure that you leave plumbing jobs to professionals. Call us at Holistic Homes, LLC for any plumbing service today.

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