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Is It Time To Have A Plumber Replace My Water Heater? | Spring Hill, FL

Nothing says welcome back home after a long day better than a hot shower. The minute you step into that bathroom, you become a refreshed person ready to mingle with the family members in your Spring Hill, FL home. Therefore, water heaters are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, be it in the morning when you are getting ready to face the day ahead or coming home in the evening. Unfortunately, for most people, water heaters are the last thing on their mind, not unless it stops working or something about it is out of the norm.

However, there are many reasons why you should get professional plumbing services for your water heater, the main one being to avoid the inconveniences when it breaks down. You will be at ease once you acquire regular plumbing services since your water shower will be inspected regularly, thus always running smoothly. Therefore, call a plumber for water heater replacement if you witness any of the below signs from your home water heater.

Low Pressure in Bathtub/Shower

The other major sign that indicates a problem with your water heater is low pressure in either your shower or bathtub. Low pressure signifies that sediment has built up around the main water supply line. Therefore, these sediments line the pipes, which reduces the amount of water passing through the main water supply and into your house.

Thus, if you notice the pressure reduction in your bathroom, scheduling an appointment for plumbing services is advisable. The plumbing professional will check your plumbing system to pinpoint the root of the problem. However, solving this problem can be done in one of two ways depending on the sediment build-up.

In some cases, the plumber might have to replace your water heater to ensure proper pressure is restored throughout the house. While in other cases, the solution might be cleaning out the sediments from the pipes without necessarily replacing the whole system. Therefore, contact the best plumbing service for help in identifying which solution is best suited for your home.

Rusty Water

Getting discolored water from your faucet is a sign of trouble, and you should therefore call a plumber. In most cases, this indicates that the water heater is rusting. However, discolored water is mainly observed when using cold water lines since hot water lines are pulled directly from the tank, which is not rusted yet. Therefore, it is advisable to run your cold water once in a while and observe if it has any rusty color.

Unfortunately, once you start noticing this color from the taps of your homes, the deterioration process has begun, and there might not be much you can do apart from replacing it. However, a qualified plumber will be better positioned to inspect it and advise accordingly on the next suitable steps.

Burning Smell

This is the most common and notable sign of water heater failure. Due to its smell, it is very rare for you to miss this sign. It is caused by heat build-up inside the water heater over time which burns the heating elements. Although it starts slowly and progresses with time, you might notice a hissing sound or burning smell from your water heater.

By the time you notice any of these signs, the burning has been taking place over time, and thus you should contact a plumber immediately. It is important to note that you should never try to fix it yourself since it poses great danger. Additionally, burning water heaters can sometimes leak gasses into your home, which have serious side effects; therefore, you should not ignore them.

Oily, Metallic Smell

The next best indicator that your water heater needs plumbing services is an oily, metallic smell. This odor suggests that there might be a leak in the tank. However, the smell can originate from two main places, the water itself or a leak in the tank. When water leaks in the tank, rust, and sediments build up on the edges of the tank, causing contamination in your Spring Hill, FL home water supply.

Contaminants finding their way into your home’s water is dangerous to your family since it could lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is vital to have your water heater inspected immediately and replaced or repaired by a professional plumber as soon as you notice the odor. If left unsolved for a long duration, this problem could severely damage your house’s structure.

Strange Noises

When in normal operation, a water heater should not have strange noises. The only sound should be water flowing through the pipes as it goes on and off throughout the day. Therefore, if your water heater makes loud popping noises, it could mean that there is a sediment build-up in the tank. Therefore, there is more pressure accumulation within it which is the cause of the strange popping sounds as water rushes through the clogged pipes.

Fortunately, this is a fixable problem since a plumber can clean the water heater and restore it to its initial working condition. When you hear other sounds such as a persistent knocking or banging from your water heater, it could mean something is wrong with the electrical system or the water heater’s thermostat.

Leaking Water Heater

The presence of a water leak at the bottom of your water heater can quickly turn into a catastrophic problem for your household. When a leak originates from the bottom of the tank, it could be due to its aging. Corrosion eats away at the tank as the water heater ages, eventually causing a fault surface that leaks water. Unfortunately, this could mean that your tank needs replacement if the plumbing professional cannot fix it. However, there are other occasions where professional plumbing services can fix the components when they are not completely damaged.

On the other hand, you might notice water around the heater, but on investigating, it seems to originate somewhere else other than the tank. Then, there is a possibility that one of the fittings or connections of the unit has an issue. Therefore, you will need a plumber to inspect the problem and fix it. Unfortunately, a leaking water heater carries other adverse effects such as wasting energy and mold problems in your home if left unfixed.

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Since water heaters are an essential part of the daily operation of your Spring Hill, FL home, it is advisable to have regular maintenance services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Water heaters pose a great danger to you and your family members. Therefore, you should never try to fix them yourself in case of a breakdown. Always seek professional help or turn it off till the plumber gets there. Call us at Holistic Homes today for a water heater replacement.

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